History of Eagle Imports

Eagle Imports was founded nearly 30 years ago by two enthusiastic industry veterans in a dusty, low rent office filled with cardboard boxes, a telex machine, and a conference table surrounded by green faux leather chairs.  With just two employees, Eagle Imports began to satisfy a specific market niche and became committed to fulfilling its vendors' mission in the United States while providing the ultimate after-sale experience to its customers.  Through market transitions and fluctuations, political storms, and economic downturns, Eagle Imports has made it its goal to respond to consumer needs and demands.  Beginning in 1988, and still thriving today, Eagle Imports represents quality firearms from around the globe and makes it a goal to offer the best after-purchase experience in the firearms industry.  Eagle Imports is proud to be involved in the shooting sports industry, and will continue to operate each day with integrity, at the same time meeting the shooting needs of generations past, present, and future.  While there is no longer a telex machine, and those faux leather chairs are long gone, Eagle Imports is honored by its history and rich tradition of being the exclusive importer and representative in the United States for Bersa handguns and accessories, MetroArms pistols, and Comanche pistols and revolvers.  

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