Beyond Mainstream

You love to shoot. So we’ve traveled the world over looking for quality firearms that put a little different spin on ordinary. We’re proud to bring these exciting brands to America – Bersa, American Classic, MAC, SPS, Llama, Grand Power, and Comanche. Each with their own story to tell.

So be adventurous. Be bold. Experience all that Eagle Imports has to offer. Because, like you, we’re Beyond Mainstream.

Eagle Imports Carries Products for Every Shooter

Bersa Firearms

Bersa comes all the way from Argentina. For over 50 years, it has been a brand shooters trust. Fun to shoot. Smart ergonomics. Reliable. And lots of added value in every trigger pull.

American Classic by Metro Firearms

A great firearm for about half the price you’d expect. Not a bad way to go considering how well it shoots and how easy it is to conceal. They’re tight, accurate and incredibly tough. Compare the fit and finish to the price and be amazed.

MAC Pistols from Metroarms by Eagle Imports, Inc.

Shooting is believing. Each MAC is designed to win with custom features at a price you can afford. From the match grade barrel all the way to the beveled magwell, you’ll know you picked up something special. Shoot it. Then get ready to own it.

SPS Pistols by Eagle Imports, Inc.

Long live Spain. And long live SPS - one of the most respected names in competition shooting. For years, world champion shooters have reached for SPS products to help them deliver the prize time and time again.

Comanche Pistols by Eagle Imports, Inc.

Comanche firearms are among the most affordable pistols you can buy. They’re perfect for everything from plinking to home security. Round out your firearms collection with a Comanche – fun to shoot and easy to own.

Llama Firearms by Eagle Imports, Inc.

Llama Firearms - Hold a Piece of History in your Hand.